Why Are We Here?










Since 2006, as both our membership and our programs have grown, our mission has also evolved. But we have always kept faithful to these core goals:

  • To provide a highly organized infrastructure for both the residents and visitors of Chicago that enables them to play fun and friendly soccer – both competitive and non competitive – twelves months of the year.
  • To provide relaxed environments where players of every skill level can develop their skills.
  • To use soccer as a vehicle to keep physically and mentally fit.
  • To give people the ability to dramatically increase their social circle and make new friends.

Of course, if we had stuck strictly to these simple goals, we wouldn’t have got to where we are today. So, what are some of the other reasons that we exist?

  • To promote the sport of soccer in the USA, starting off in the great city of Chicago. We encourage people to learn about the game by playing it, and thus realizing what an amazing sport it is.
  • To provide a sense of community to our members and a feeling of family. It also serves as a place for newcomers in the city to meet new people, and get a ready made social circle.
  • To give back to the community where ever possible.
  • To be an innovator of new and exciting programs.