Chicago Fire Rec Soccer


You may be wondering what Chicago Fire Rec Soccer is, and how WCW is involved. Does WCW still exist in its past form? Will anything change? What’s the reason for all of this? Here is a brief run down:

  • WCW is organized as a Football Association. We’re experts in operating adult soccer events, whether it be leagues, tournaments, pickup games, or social events.
  • WCW has a long and successful relationship with the Chicago Fire, the citys MLS team. Over the years we have worked to help the Fire reach a demographic that WCW represents heavily – the 21 to 35 year old young, city professional who loves to play and watch soccer, but may not be emotionally connected to the MLS. One of the ways we did this was by developing the largest bus program in the city, transporting fans from Chicago area bars to and from every home game. We have transported thousands of people over the last few years.
  • WCW has many exciting visions and goals when it comes to providing adult soccer players with an amazing soccer playing experience. However, due to our current size, we have been somewhat limited in terms of resources.
  • The Fire is passionate about engaging our demographic, and believe that it holds one of the most important keys to the future success of the club.
  • To this end, WCW & Chicago Fire created ‘Chicago Fire Rec Soccer’. We believe that the best way to engage adult soccer players in Chicago is to provide them something that they already love: amazing soccer programs where you get to play the game. But, using the combined Fire and WCW resources, we will provide many benefits that only the Fire can provide.
  • WCW has been tasked with a long term contract to develop and execute this new program, and we’re incredibly excited to do it!

Here is the link to Chicago Fire Rec Soccer on the Fire website.

Want to get involved right away? Either check out our pickup games, or register for our spring leagues below!


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