Commercial fermentation tanks for your requirements

If you want to produce and sell beer then you need a good quality beer fermentation tank for the production of beer. Beer brewery and fermentation is a widespread business across the world and each of these businesses require good quality stainless steel beer fermentation equipments for productive functioning of their respective operations. There are a number of beer fermentation equipment manufacturers  in the market who produce and sell good machines.

It is vital that you must look at various beer brewery equipments and stainless steel beer fermentation tanks China that are available before finalizing on your purchase. Analyze the different manufacturers, their products, their specifications, cost and eventually choose what suits you the best. You must also read the reviews and feedback from the clients who have already purchased these equipments and used the services of the various manufacturers. This will give you a better perspective on what to expect in terms of professionalism and quality of the products that you need to purchase.

Degong brewery is one of the largest manufacturers of brewery and fermentation equipments with considerable experience in this industry. Some of the products manufactured by Degong brewery includes beer fermentation equipment, beer equipment, beer keg filling equipment, beer bottling equipment, beer filter equipment, wine production machine, steam boiler amongst other machines. If you are a client looking for any of these equipments then the company offers all round support and assistance from consultation to designing, production to implementation of the project. Degong brewery is one of the renowned names across the world owing to its high quality product, manufacturing and impeccable services to the customers.

Purchasing commercial beer fermentation tank from Leyden Brewery

The fermentation tank that you get at is amongst the best in the market and you get the machine at attractive, low prices. Let us have a look at some of the specifications and features of the fermentation tank sold by Degong Brewery.

These business fermentation tanks or unitanks are made in China for the retailers and beer makers. The wall thickness of the inner tank is 3mm. The thickness of the outer cooling is 2mm. It has a thermal insulation of polyurethane of 2″ at both the zones and it has shell coolant jackets. The tank also comes with an exhaust valve and it has pressure vacuum gage of liquid. The tank has a large dial of thermometer with the probe measuring 10″. It has a 4 inches of hop port and 2 inches of spinning CIP ball. It comes with three clamp fittings for all the ports that includes Gycol ports. It has shadowless doors of 440 330mm and they are clean and large. It has a sample valve and NPT for controlling the thermometer temp. The tank has internal polishing and the yeasts are designed for the 25% head space. The tank comes with an outlet, 4 dampers, pallet arm, blow-off and CIP. The tank also has leveling feet.

There are various products and range of commercial fermentation tanks that you can find featured and listed at the Leyden Brewery website. You can check out the details of these different products by browsing them and checking out their specifications.

At Degong Brewery you will be provided transparent answers and full guidance at every stage by the professionals at the company. From the stage of production of brewery machines to shipping of the brewery tanks followed by installation of the brewery equipment and then finally maintenance of the beer machine everything is covered expertly by the employees of the company.