We all know about coronavirus. How did it start? How to get rid of it? What measures to apply? Etc.  Below are some of the few questions asked which helps us to know a little more about this virus.

Q1. Masks made in homes; can they be helpful to fight COVID-19?

Coronavirus: Should you wear a mask
Coronavirus: Should you wear a mask

As there is a shortage of masks which are so much required in this surrounding where most of the people’s life is taken by this pandemic. Therefore, people have come to protect themselves in their way. This is done by making homemade masks, which are not idyllic but could be helpful in this scenario. Also, people have no choice but to do something like this.

The coronavirus (SARS-CoV 2) has spread in almost 169 countries. It happened so fast that it didn’t allow any medical protectors to prepare a piece of equipment which can help in saving people’s life. Because it is important to have one, in this way it can defend the helpers and the patients who have fallen into the corona’s trap.

Nevertheless, experts recommended not to use homemade masks for viruses like the flu. But now as the situation has worsened, these protectors are not even left with any choice than to ask people to start making homemade masks as the masks which are there in the market are at its peak to end. Homemade masks like a scarf, bandana, etc are now said to be used while treating patients with COVID-19. It wouldn’t be enough to protect from the virus therefore, as a shield it should be paired with other face masks. Unfortunately, it is unknown about the influence of the disease i.e. has it reduced? Or not?

For some people, face masks don’t work, but that is not the case. Face masks can’t provide an iron-clad guarantee that the virus can’t transfer from one place/person to another. But masks can hold droplets, which is what is the main route from where coronavirus gets diffused. Also, if stood nearby the affected person, then it somehow reduces the chances of the virus being passed on from one person to another. For people who are analyzed positive for coronavirus can help in saving other people from corona if the affected wears a mask to stop the spread. Hence, a mask should be worn by a health and social care professional, members of the family (who has a corona infected member) and the patient. is a leading face mask factory in China.

Given below are when and how to use a mask as stated by the world health organization recently. If followed properly, it can save you from the virus which is killing people almost every day.

Before learning how to wear a mask, you should know what is the timing to wear one or when to wear one-

  1. It is important to know that there is no need to wear a mask until and unless you are a patient of coronavirus or you have a patient of coronavirus inside your house or nearby.
  2. The people who have a cough and cold should wear a mask. Sneeze and cough can make the virus travel and we can prevent coronavirus by wearing a face mask (it captures the droplets and doesn’t allow people who are healthy, to inhale the droplets).
  3. Also, a facial mask can only show protection when we not only wear it but use sanitizers, Liquid hand cleaners, etc to clean our hands-on hourly basis.
  4. At last, after using the mask you should know that these masks can no longer be used again, hence, they need to be thrown away as soon as possible. If we keep on using the mask over and over again, then all its good side will soon be proving harmful to us (as all the dirt is attached to it).

Next, our question is what the application to wear surgical face masks is or how to wear a mask-

Correct Way to Wear Surgical Mask
Correct Way to Wear Surgical Mask
  1. This point is already mentioned, which states that when you are about to wear a mask then it is significant to wash your hands with good cleaning devices that can protect you.
  2. After cleaning, you should make sure that after wearing the mask, there is no gap left for the virus to come in. It is better to tighten up if felt loose because the chances of the virus being enter are somewhat high. It can be done if you are self-aware to understand the difference.
  3. While wearing the mask, you should not touch your face. In this way, the virus can find its way to enter the body and make you one of its patients. If you have touched accidentally then do not forget to wash your hands with soap and water or a liquid hand cleaning.
  4. When you are done with its use, you should not touch the mask from the front as it carries loads of viruses (in the form of droplets) sticking at that part. Therefore, pull the mask from its back and throw it away in a dustbin. After doing it, make sure you clean your hands properly.
  5. Always have a new mask with you because you can’t keep using the same old mask again and again. When the same old mask is wet, it is the sign of purchasing a new one and throwing the old one away as soon as you start using the new one.


Many countries have adopted this method of social distancing followed by the lockdown of a variety of spots that can allow huge gatherings. This method will help you stay closer to near and dear ones.  Therefore, it is requested to follow the rules and know what is best for you. Because now is the time for self-care where you can only protect yourself. Wear a mask and stay hygienic. Wash your hands as more as you can. And most importantly, stay positive and sympathize with infected people. Also, by agreeing with the government and believing that whatever the government is doing is for our protection, we can all make a huge difference and can find a way to permanently stop the blowout of coronavirus.