Several advantages of LED technology

LED or light emitting diode technology is the recent sensation in residential and commercial lighting applications. Every dark place that requires brightening up and every object that requires indication is now turning out to be lively with the help of these lights, the reason being simple; the world is doing its best to save energy and the LEDs are the superstars in the field of energy-efficient technology.

The ruling benefits of LED over another traditional lighting like CFL and the incandescent bulb is what makes them the ideal choice for all new installations and upgrading that requires illuminating. Here are some of the major advantages of using LED pole lights which makes them the superior choice.


Energy efficient

These lights from help convert around 80 percent of the electrical energy to light energy. It does justify the amount that you shell out. This reduces the electricity bill expense ultimately and thereby saves you money and energy. For instance, changing old lighting systems with the LED system on the Miami Tower helped save around $260,000 annually in maintenance, operating and energy costs.

Compact and versatile

The LED lights are adaptable to all kinds of lighting applications owing to their availability in various colors and sizes. They emit light in the intended color and work efficiently in the harshest of conditions. One single LED is adequate for lighting indication and the whole cluster is able to illuminate a football stadium.


These lights are bright and cool when compared to traditional light sources. They can be dimmed easily according to your intensity requirements.

Long lifespan

The LED pole lights don’t fail abruptly and they possess a long lifespan. This helps reduce the cost of maintenance and lessen your headache for replacements. 

Shock resistant

When using LEDs you never have to be relied upon the reflector shape to obtain focused light. The lights are packed in a way to produce focused light. This particular characteristic is very helpful in featuring illumination in jewellery shops. The LEDs are a solid-state device and so they are resistant to shock as well.

These benefits show that the LED lights are the perfect and appropriate choice for illumination and indications of lighting applications. But, as with every other up-and-coming technology, the LEDs also have their own disadvantage. The installation of these lights might cost you a bit more in comparison to installing the regular and conventional lighting systems. You might have to shell out more money initially to purchase them. If you are okay with spending a few more bucks for the initial installation, then an LED lighting system is a profitable and rewarding choice.  Also, you need to bear in mind that low-quality LEDs will only result in color degradation quickly, and so you need to always opt for high-quality star rated LED lights from the best manufacturers.

The possibilities of using LED lighting systems are infinite and they are bounded only by your imagination. The technology applies to all desired areas; you need a creative and thoughtful approach to utilize it accordingly. Getting to know the basic, application and installation of this technology will assist you in choosing it for a better illuminating experience.